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Clinton or Trump? What does the Bible say regarding America’s future?
Bible declares how Russia’s involvement in Syria will End
Current Events Prove Jesus’ Second Coming is Soon!
Does God Still Exist and Is He Still In Control?
Getting Ready for the Return of Christ
Bible Prophecy – Future aggressive movements of Russia
Marriage: God’s Purpose from Creation
What Happens After Death?
The Bible and the Archeologist’s Spade
Why is America’s Support for Israel Fading Fast?
Who Is The Antichrist?
The Coming Kingdom on Earth: Bible Prophecy Indicates Worldwide Change
Will There Ever Be World Peace?
“Why Does God Allow Suffering?”
“Introduction to Jerusalem”
“Gathering The Nations to Armageddon”
The Middle-East Aflame – what next? The Bible has the answers!
Do You Believe the Gospel Abraham Believed?
God’s Promises to Abraham.
The ascension and return of Jesus Christ.
Jesus – His Life and Death.
How Do I Navigate the Bible?
How Can I Study the Bible More Effectively?
Can I Really Believe the Bible?
What Is the Meaning of Life?
How Can I Study the Bible More Effectively?


“Clinton or Trump? What does the Bible say regarding America’s future?”
For a century America has played a prominent role in the world as the defender of freedom and liberty, and in the 1990’s was the world’s sole superpower following the demise of the Soviet Union. Now all that is changing – quickly. The revival of Russian power and influence under Vladimir Putin and the emergence of China as a powerful exporter of cheap manufactured goods has seriously impacted America’s once leading role in world affairs. Will America’s new president taking office in 2017 be able to restore that leading role and “make America great again”, or will America continue to decline in influence and turn inwardly as it did in the 1930’s as Hitler rose to power and threatened world peace? The Bible has much to say on these issues. It sets out in great detail the events that are already happening in the world and those that are on the horizon. In fact, the Bible is clear about the ultimate future of all nations.

“Bible declares how Russia’s involvement in Syria will End”
The “Arab Spring” which began in 2011 has completely reshaped the geopolitical situation in the Middle East. Few foresaw that several longstanding governments would fall and that powerful nations would be drawn into the ongoing conflicts. The presence of Russian military forces in Syria in September 2015 added a new dimension, particularly as the US failed to respond in the way that many expected. The Bible explains why this situation exists and is clear about its final outcome. Russia, whether it has plans or not, is destined to politically control the entire region from Syria to Pakistan – the territory of the ancient Greek Seleucid Kingdom, called in the Bible “the king of the north.” Three clear prophecies outline the seizure of this territory and its ultimate use as a base of operations for a massive invasion of the countries in the news today – Turkey, Israel and Egypt – leading to the Biblical battle of Armageddon which will see the return of Christ to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

“Current Events Prove Jesus’ Second coming is Soon!”
Recent military actions by Russia could be the spark which ignites the last global conflict. The Good News: The Bible says Jesus will return during this great conflict to bring peace to the Earth. The Bible also says what will happen to the US, Russia & Israel right before Jesus’ second coming. Thousands of years ago the Bible predicted that, before Jesus’ second coming, the nation of Russia would attempt to assert her dominance in the Middle East and begin another world war. The recent military actions of Russia in Syria could very well be the spark which ignites this global conflict. The good news is the Bible says Jesus will return in the midst of this great conflict to bring peace to the Earth.

“Does God Still Exist and is He in control?”
In a world that seems to be aimlessly continuing down an unknown course; Is there someone or something actually in control of the world’s course? The world around us may leave some wondering what the final destination we are all headed for is. In years past, many would have agreed that God is in control – but does God still really exist in 2015 and is He really still in control? Check out the following video for a glimpse at the whole story:

“Getting Ready for the Return of Christ”
Over 2000 years ago the Lord Jesus Christ walked the face of this planet delivering a message from God that was a call to repentance from every evil work, an assertion of his divine sonship and Jewish kingship and a proclamation that God would establish a kingdom on earth through him. This same Jesus was crucified, raised from the dead, taken up into heaven and now awaits the appointed day when he will return to this earth. Attend this FREE presentation to learn what the Bible says about the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“Bible Prophecy – Future aggressive movements of Russia”
Russia’s recent provocative moves are only a foretaste of what is to come, leading to the Bible’s prophesied return of Christ to the earth. The Crimea will not be the last territory Russia seizes to its south. Russia’s future moves will include the building of the Gogian confederacy, including Ukraine, Europe and Muslim nations hostile to Israel.

“Marriage: God’s Purpose from Creation”
As many in society bombard us with their own definitions of marriage, are you left wondering and puzzled…What really is the meaning of this long revered institution? Are the benefits of marriage only for men and women to enjoy now or is there something more that God is seeking from His creation? What exactly is the arrangement instituted by the Creator and why is it the vital instrument in fulfilling His purpose?
The Bible does have the answer, and in this presentation we will explore the simplicity of the message left on record for us, which reveals the mind, and purpose of God. Please join us to hear what the Bible says about this vital subject and how it can affect your life.

“What Happens After Death?”
Did You know the Bible reveals only one answer! Hear the clear teaching of the Bible on what happens to all of us after death. Whether death comes suddenly or expected, it is never easy. Death is a scary thought to a lot of us. Death can feel so final and complete. There are many different views on what happens after we die. Listen as we explore what happens after death from a Biblical perspective and see that death does not have to be the final chapter.

“The Bible and the Archeologist’s Spade”
In this illustrated talk you will discover how Archeology confirms the Biblical Account of key Historical events, people and places:
– See bricks like those the Israelites had to make and use while in captivity in Egypt
– The uncovering of Early Egyptian references to the House of King David
– See the seal of King Solomon the son of David
– Hear about the thumbprint of the scribe of Jeremiah
– See the inscription of the Roman administrator Pontius Pilate
– Hear the latest about the burial box of “James, the brother of Jesus”

“Why is America’s Support for Israel Fading Fast?”
The relationship between the US and Israel has slowly deteriorated while Israel’s relationship with Russia has strengthened.
Can this be attributed to changing of international politics or is there something more significant going on? The Bible has the answer.
It shows that in the final days before Christ’s return to earth to setup the Kingdom of God, Israel would lose all its traditional friends and acquire a new most unlikely one for a brief period — namely Russia.
This presentation will demonstrate that the very existence of Israel as a nation is testimony; not only to the existence of God, but that He has a purpose with the earth, with the nation of Israel at the center of it. What is happening to them right now reveals that God’s purpose is about to be fulfilled in the earth.

“Who Is The Antichrist?”
Is the Antichrist an individual who will suddenly appear in the future to take control of the world? Does this view harmonize with what the Bible says? Or has the Christian world been setup for one of the greatest cases of mistaken identity?

In this presentation we will examine the Bible’s clues to identify who exactly the Antichrist is – Please join us to hear what the Bible says about this vital subject and how it will affect your life.

“The Coming Kingdom on Earth: Bible Prophecy Indicates Worldwide Change”
Introduction: The Bible foretells many signs that would conclude in the last days before Jesus’ return. Jesus himself said that these signs would result together as His return drew near (see Matthew 24:33-34).

Our generation is the first to see every trend in place that Bible prophecies clearly show will come about. As the final seconds of this age tick away, these events will come into even clearer focus. These prophecies were penned 1900 to 3500 years ago! How does this relate to you?

“Will There Ever Be World Peace?”
Introduction: As the social, political and economic state of the global community continues to spiral out of control, are you left puzzled, wondering if there is a real and lasting solution to this problem? The Bible tells us that there is an answer; watch this video to discover the answer with us, and see what it means to you.

“Why Does God Allow Suffering?”
Introduction: Mr. Grant Anderson tells about his journey to regain his life and hang onto his faith after a catastrophic car accident and traumatic brain injury. This young man shares his inspiring story and relates his experience to God’s word. He will show how suffering can be viewed as a gift from God, how it is used to accomplish God’s plan with the earth, and, how it can be of great benefit if accepted with joy.

“Introduction to Jerusalem”
Introduction: Most Christians consider Jerusalem a special place. A place chosen by God to be the center of his plan for all mankind. For such a special place, it’s important to know not only how Jerusalem is introduced into the Bible narrative, but also how it represents much more than just a physical location.

“Gathering The Nations to Armageddon”
Introduction: Israel remains at the center of the world’s political attention for good reason – it is at the center of Bible prophecy concerning the last days. Throughout the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments, a culminating battle is described that unites the forces of Russia, Europe and the Vatican in an effort to destroy Israel. Prophecy also describes how God will use the outcome of this battle at Armageddon to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

“The Middle-East Aflame – what next? The Bible has the answers!”
Introduction: There are rapid changes occurring in the Middle-East, all related to Bible prophecy and they point to the near return of Jesus Christ to the earth. Syria is the latest country to experience challenges to its government including a concerted effort to see it overthrown. Israel, by contrast, is seeing its wealth increase while enjoying a stable political environment and has become a pariah to many of her neighbors.

“Do You Believe the Gospel Abraham Believed?”
Introduction: Abraham believed in the Gospel: the Bible establishes the links between his beliefs and the first century teachings of Christ and the Apostles. This reveals consistence between the old and new testament, establishing the 9rinciple themes of the Gospel — God’s kingdom on earth, ruled by an heir of Abraham and David, forever.

“God’s Promises to Abraham”
Introduction: Understanding God’s promises to Abraham and why He made them, can ensure that we see the true relevance of the Lord Jesus Christ as the motivating force in our lives and how we through him can be a part of that future age that God will bring to the earth when His son the Lord Jesus Christ returns to it to setup the Kingdom of God on earth.

“The Ascension and Return of Jesus Christ”
Introduction: You probably know that the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ died and was raised three days later, but did you also know that the Bible teaches that he went up to heaven. It’s true, and it clearly tells is why this happened and what he is doing there now.

“Jesus – His Life and Death”
Introduction: For many an individual, the study of the life of the man Jesus is intriguing and fulfilling. His life and death are foretold in the Old Testament and played out as it happened in the New Testament. This talk is meant to provide a glimpse into this subject and how it is intended to help is in our lives today.

“What Is The Meaning of Life?”
Introduction: This is a short Bible Study that we hope will help show the answer to the all important question, “what is the meaning of life?”. Humanity’s problem is that it doesn’t see God as the one in charge and control today. If we can come to believe that God is in control, we have the opportunity to be a part of destiny as He has defined it. We can be assured that His plan with the earth is definite and it will come to pass. Isaiah 55:11

“How Can I Study the Bible More effectively?”
Introduction: Do you wonder what version of the Bible is good to use or whether the choice you made is the best one? Would you like to hear tips on reading the Bible and understanding it better? Did you know there tools you can use that can help you with Bible study? Bible Marking is also one of the tools you can use to aid in the learning process. All these and more are covered in this class.

“Can I Really Believe the Bible”
Introduction: Is what’s written on the pages of the Bible something that can be used to guide our lives? The answer is clearly YES. Listen to this talk to help see why this is the answer meant for all of mankind to understand and take up as their motivation in life. We will also talk about some of the criticism lodged against the Bible and how the Bible itself provides the answers for these critical views.

“How Do I Navigate the Bible?”
Introduction: The Bible is a large book and sometimes be intimidating. Understanding the Bible in an outline-like way can help with the challenge of navigating your Bible. Whether is this task or better understanding the language there are a definable set of components that will become your tool box to work your way through the Bible. This talk with provide a look at just how these challenges can be addressed by you in your own personal Bible study.